Status update

Just a little update from us. We’ve been very quiet on the releases front recently as we’ve been focussing on helping our clients improve their build test release processes.

As part of this, we’ve been developing functionality to allow users to store the results of manual testing in the tool. With this functionality, users can upload screenshots and text (and anything else they can think of) and have a record of what testing has been performed to make decision makers more comfortable with sign-offs. This is being “dog-fooded” as part of us helping our clients and we’re hopeful that it’ll be ready for release shortly.

Note that this functionality doesn’t negate our very strong belief in automated testing, we think that it can be a very helpful intermediate step on the journey towards automated testing as well as for final ‘tyre kicking’ types of tests where some manual last minute validation can be useful.

If you have any thoughts, questions, feature requests etc. about this or any other topic, then please do get in touch and we’ll see how we can help improve your confidence in your product’s releases.

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