New version released

Although the blog has been quiet for the last couple of months, our keyboards have been anything but. We’ve been working with our clients to add additional features to simplify their processes and improve their ability to present testing results to their clients. These new features include.

UX improvements

A lot of small improvements have been made to the tool to improve its usability. We’re always keen on user feedback, so if there are any aspects of the tool which you think that we can improve, then please do let us know.

Lightboxes for media

As part of extending the tool to better facilitate UX testing, users can now take advantage of being able to see any additional files using a lightbox.

Product dashboards

Users can now upload multiple dashboards per product (as opposed to previously only being able to configure the front page). This functionality can be thought of as a ‘mini CMS for test results’ allowing users to create customised presentation of the data, typically a dashboard per release or CI pipeline. These dashboards can contain standard HTML alongside Conical specific widgets for accessing test data.

We are currently using them to allow our clients to present an overview of a release candidate’s testing status, thereby allowing their project owners to be able to see the status at a glance.

We currently have support for embedding searches alongside their results. Additional widgets will be added as user requirements become clearer. If you have suggestions or requirements for additional widgets which would be useful, then please do get in touch.

As usual, if you have any questions about Conical or how we can help you improve your build, test and release processes, then please do contact us –

Happy testing

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