New version released

We’re pleased to announce that a new version of Conical is now available. This comes with a range of UX improvements to make the tool more powerful. These changes include:

Results text / logs

When viewing these, the user can now apply filters to narrow down the range of rows which are displayed. This can be useful when a user is trying to find specific messages in the output. To further assist in this, users can choose to highlight rows which match their criteria. By using these 2 features, it should be simpler to hunt for the rows of interest.

Additionally, where the source data points are large, users can now use pagination to improve the responsiveness of the browser.

Results json

It’s now possible to flatten the results json and apply filters to the flattened data.

Improved UX for non-logged in users

Previously, when a non-logged in user clicked on a link, they were presented with an error screen. They were required to navigate to the profile page, log in and then click on the link again. To improve that experience, they can now log in directly from the error page.


Filtering functionality has been added to audit trails and .net assembly information.

Additional files

Some tidying up has been made here to improve the consistency of experience across all usages of additional files.

As usual, if you have any requests, suggestions or comments then please do get in touch.

Happy testing!

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